One Past Midnight – Jessica Shirvington

One Past MidnightTitle: One Past Midnight
Author: Jessica Shirvington
Published: Bloomsbury USA Childrens, July 2014
Source: received a copy from publisher
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Name of overseas edition of Between The Lives.

Above all else, though I try not to think about it, I know which life I prefer. And every night when I Cinderella myself from one life to the next a very small, but definite, piece of me dies. The hardest part is that nothing about my situation has ever changed. There is no loophole.

Until now, that is…

For as long as she can remember, Sabine has lived two lives. Every 24 hours she Shifts to her ′other′ life – a life where she is exactly the same, but absolutely everything else is different: different family, different friends, different social expectations. In one life she has a sister, in the other she does not. In one life she′s a straight-A student with the perfect boyfriend, in the other she′s considered a reckless delinquent. Nothing about her situation has ever changed, until the day when she discovers a glitch: the arm she breaks in one life is perfectly fine in the other.

With this new knowledge, Sabine begins a series of increasingly risky experiments which bring her dangerously close to the life she′s always wanted… But just what – and who – is she really risking?

Sabine sees reality differently.  She has one mind, but two lives.  Every twenty-four hours, she goes through a shift – a shift that gives her a different set of family, vastly different lifestyle and incomparable demands. Because she shifts from one life to another every day, her perception about life is not limited by one set of beliefs but two.  When she discovers a glitch during one of her twenty-four hour shifts, she formulates a dangerous plan – a plan that will help her live the life that she’s always wanted.  Will she go ahead and carry out this plan?

At the beginning, I wasn’t sure if I’d understand Sabine.  She’s an easy person to like but because she saw life a little differently, her reactions to people and things had this tone of melodrama that was a little irritating at first.  But as I got to know her better, I learned why she had those reactions.  And to be honest, I think I might react worse if I were in her position.  Shifting between lives was not easy and I could see why she never wanted to develop deep feelings with anyone in both of her lives.

The experiments she carried out after her discovery of the glitch were risky.  My heart pounded loudly as I watched her test out her so-called theories.  I wanted her to have what she wanted but at the same time, I wished something better could happen for her.  I liked that Sabine wasn’t unrealistic or impractical.  She took risks but she was never reckless.  Even when she was being thrown into setbacks, I liked that she kept looking for new ways to help her achieve her goal.

The romance in the story was more on the bittersweet end for me.  As I mentioned earlier, Sabine didn’t feel she could develop deep feelings for anyone because of her shifts.  As her mind remembered everything from both of her lives, she felt as though she were cheating if she met and developed intimate relationships with two different individuals in her two lives.  It was both sad and exhilarating to find her fall for a guy in the story.  In my mind, I believe she deserved love just like any fictional characters that I rooted for but because of her reality, I was not certain if I could feel 100% happy for her.  The ending made me cry with both happy and bitter tears.  It’s one of those endings that made me sigh and want to pick up the book to re-read it again (and again and again).

My favorite quotes from the book is something offered by Sabine’s love interest to her.  His name was Ethan.  I didn’t know the full impact of what he meant till the end but the words were so beautiful that I thought I’d share it here…

“You said you wanted someone to know you. Maybe I just want to have someone know me too. Without you in this world, the memories of every moment we’ve shared together will be gone. We only exist because others see us. Part of my existence…an important part, only exists because you are here to see it.”


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  1. Love the concept of the shifts. This is on my TBR and can’t wait to get to it.
    brandileigh2003 recently posted..Review: Close Your Eyes, Hold Hands by Chris Bohjalian

  2. Ahhh i cannot believe this one wasnt on my tbr pile because it sounds so unbelievably good!
    Lily recently posted..Landline:Review

  3. Shirvington has been on my list of authors to look out for. She’s Australian, isn’t it? Have you tried out her latest Dystopian book? It’s gotten SO MANY awesome ratings, too, and people even say her book redefines the genre! O_O
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  4. I loved this book and I’m glad you did too, interesting how they changed the title for the book! The experiments were definitely risky but I found it fascinating as she shifted between both lives. Lovely review Henrietta!
    Jeann @ Happy Indulgence recently posted..To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before by Jenny Han Review: Cute, fluffy (fake) romance

  5. I’m so thrilled to hear what you enjoyed this one! I have it on my TBR but have been hesitant to read it since it does sort of remind me of Lucid! I’ll have to give this one a try though! Great review 🙂
    Lily recently posted..The Truth About Alice:Review

  6. Ooh I couldn’t be more excited to pick this up now! This is the second gorgeous review I’ve read today for this book and I already love Jessica’s writing in the Violet Eden series. This is going into my must read pile! Lovely review Henrietta!
    Lauren recently posted..Midsummer Romance Blog Tour: Katherine Longshore Talks Historical Hotties

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